01th May, 2019

TEKCOM's New Corporate Identity - A Closer Look


TEKCOM Corporation has announced to launch the new corporate identity with a new set of vision and core values. Via this renovation, TEKCOM wants to reinforce its leading position and enhance the worldwide reach of TEKCOM in the industry.

The new identity’s design was inspired by wood panels piling up and shaped into a cubical letter “T” standing diagonally, symbolising the ambitious vision of being a sustainable market leader in woods and associated products.

Moreover, the colour elements of TEKCOM blue – representing sustainability – and TEKCOM yellow – representing innovation – other than creating a modernistic and unique impression, also convey the brand’s passion to be a game-changer in providing innovative solutions for construction and architectural design, nationally and internationally.

The new corporate identity does not change the heritage that shapes TEKCOM’s culture: success is built day by day under Safety and Quality, and maintaining a safe workplace environment for every employee.

With TEKCOM, changing the corporate identity is not only to enhance the corporate image, reputation, but also to elevate TEKCOM to a new level. In specific, TEKCOM is striving for shifting up its position by building effective supply chain management and non-stop renovation that deliver solutions go beyond customer expectation.

TEKCOM trusts that this new identity could bring positive changes in the culture, work manner, operation and also to challenge its employees to perform the best of their roles, practicing the new 4C Core Values: TEKCOM truly believes that its employees can create sustainable values and build the company to a whole new level of success.