18th September, 2019

Thach Ut Banh: “Helping other people is my happiness”


Thach Ut Banh, a forklift driver of TEKCOM Corporation has been honored to receive a certificate of merit at the "Good People Good Deeds" Commendation Ceremony of Labor Union of Binh Duong Province.

When meeting Thach Ut Bach, what impressed me most is the cheerfulness of a Southern Vietnamese. He said: “My hometown is Kien Giang, I moved to Binh Duong and worked as a forklift driver at TEKCOM for three years. My job seems to be quite but actually requires skills such as carefulness and meticulousness”. He was praised "Good People Good Deeds" for helping colleagues with their jobs when they are sick; caring and encouraging others whose relatives are in sickness. He smiled and said: “I think it is very simple, if is there anything I can help, I will do my best. We all have relatives, if unfortunately hospitalized, it would be not only very costly but also suffering to the caregivers. I had to take care of my family members’ illness many times before that makes me understanding. In my team, if my colleague family is ill, I am worried as my beloved one. My joy is to help and take care of people that brings a lot of fun without costing anything. That is me”. Then he added: “At work, I am very thorough, I comply absolutely to safety in work. I am always equipped with protective equipment such as shoes, hats, glasses and masks. Someone used to tell me that we did not need to be so careful, wearing masks and gloves were very entangled, but I patiently persuaded everyone to abide by the labor safety principles. I told them that it may a little frustrating at first, but wearing a mask will avoid dust, a hat will protect the head and glasses will protect the eyes. Those small things if we do not comply, that is ourselves will suffer if unexpected thing happens. I also told others that almost labor incidents deprive from subjectiveness, so we must be aware of and take action to protect ourselves”. Moreover he said: “Wherever I work, it must be neat and clean, I do not like the messiness, so I always clean up after finishing my work, it will lead to better job and minimize the risks at work.

Mr Banh is very happy that his efforts are always encouraged and acknowledged by the Board of Directors and the Labor Union. He will constantly try and encourage the members of the forklift team to abide by the rules of the company to have a safe working environment and to be more productive at work.

(Source: Anh Nguyen – Lao Dong Binh Duong News)

Image: Mr Banh - The second person standing from the left