05th March, 2020

TEKCOM Team Building Workshop for Middle Managers


Over the past week, TEKCOM hosted an interesting workshop of Team Building for middle managers.

The workshop took place on Friday morning with full and enthusiastic participation from the management staff at TEKCOM.

The direct trainer for this workshop is Mr. Vu Nguyen - CEO of the company, as well as a full EXCOM team as Mentors for each of the groups.

The workshop took place in a joyful and exciting atmosphere. Participants of the workshop openly shared their successes, as well as the challenges that they have encountered or are facing in building an effective team. The mentors have therefore provided timely instructions or shares from personal experience for participants to refer to.

After the workshop, the participants felt more confident attitude that they would continue to promote the strengths of their team-building skills, as well as to overcome any areas of need for improvement in their work.

Let's take a look at some photos of the workshop:

Picture 1: Joyful atmosphere at one team (and basically every team else)

Picture 2: Discussion going on strong!

Picture 3: CEO is guiding teams on new "tasks".

Picture 4: Each team is directly guided by one mentor. Team 4's is Engineering Director - Mr. Linh Nguyen (Left)