30th August, 2018

TEKCOM Corporation - New Vision - New Corporate Identity


On October 18, TEKCOM Corporation introduced its new chief executive officer, Nguyen Van Vu. Along with this announcement, the corporation launched a new identity, leveraging a new set of vision and core values together with the visual aspects of branding – a compass for the development of TEKCOM in the near future.

Via this renovation, the coporate aims to reinforce TEKCOM leading position and enhance its worldwide reach in the industry.

The new identity’s design was inspired by wood panels piling up and shaped into a cubical letter “T” standing diagonally, symbolising the ambitious vision of being a sustainable market leader in woods and associated products. Moreover, the colour elements of TEKCOM blue – representing sustainability – and TEKCOM yellow – representing innovation – other than creating a modernistic and unique impression, also convey the brand’s passion to be a game-changer in providing innovative solutions for construction and architectural design, nationally and internationally.

TEKCOM’s decision to change the corporation’s identity is not only meant to enhance the corporation’s image and reputation, but also to elevate TEKCOM’s stature to an entirely new level. Specifically, TEKCOM is striving towards owning the highest market share in the country and region by building effective supply chain management and non-stop renovations, delivering solutions that go beyond customer’s expectation.

CEO Vu Nguyen stated: “Within the next few years, TEKCOM Corporation aspires to the vision of being a sustainable market leader in preferred woods and associated products, as well as a game-changer in providing innovative solutions in construction and architectural design. TEKCOM believes that this new identity could bring positive changes in the culture, work ethics, and operation system of the company and challenge all employees to give their best in their roles as individuals and as a team, “Together building the best.”

CEO Vu Nguyen has once held key managing positions in multiple multinational companies, such as Bayer, BlueScope Steel Vietnam, Lafarge Boral Gypsum Vietnam, and most recently as CEO of KONE Vietnam. Joining TEKCOM Corporation as chief executive officer from August 2018, Vu is a breath of fresh air, giving momentum to the new corporate identity and continues to drive TEKCOM to seize the leading position in the Vietnamese and worldwide plywood market.

He strongly asserted, “The new corporate identity does not change the heritage that shapes TEKCOM’s culture: success is built day by day under safety and quality. When stepping into this position, I stand by the core values of TEKCOM as the direction for my leadership strategy. At TEKCOM, our priority at all times is to ensure a workplace environment where all employees can work safely in good conditions. Once that priority is warranted, TEKCOM will be able to accomplish its mission for outstanding-quality products, services, and solutions for clients.”

TEKCOM Corporation was established in 2005 and has been holding the leading position in manufacturing Film Faced Plywood (Formworks) and enriching its product portfolio such as decorative plywood and wood flooring. TEKCOM has achieved international-level certificates such as ISO 9001, European standard certification (EN13986), FSC-CoC certification, and CARB P2.

Within the second quarter of 2019, TEKCOM Corporation will inaugurate one more new factory with more than 10 hectares of land located at Binh Duong province, Vietnam. It is considered one of the most innovative factories in Vietnam. The factory specialises in manufacturing high-end products for floor base and decorative plywood applied-production for the furniture industry.